More than just a development company…

For qualified clients, Teknika can offer technical partnership and reduced development rates in exchange for equity

Teknika Origin story

One of Teknika’s founders is director of the venture capital firm TechFarms Capital. We’re well versed in legal process to form partnerships and how to grow companies.

We enthusiastically pursue win-win partnerships!

Benefits of partnering with Teknika

We serve as your official technical partner

You will have a trusted consultant on all technical and business growth matters. We can help you with your pitch deck and be available for meetings with stakeholders. Not to mention, saving a proven technical partner is a powerful asset towards attracting investments.

We are fully vested in your success

A partnership dynamic is more fun and productive than a contractor-client relationship. Everything from informal consulting to access to our vast network, partners get it all.

We reduce rates

Our equity stake is easily quantifiable by the savings you’ll experience with reduced development rates. Providing you with low and fixed development rates insulates you from the high risk of skyrocketing development costs in this market.

Potential for capital investment

We may be able to connect you with capital investments from either our partnered venture capital fund or through other investors in our network. Since we’ll know your project intimately, it makes the whole process more smooth.

The Partnership Process

Start development with Teknika

We typically only consider partnerships with clients that we have worked with before. This is important as it allows us to understand if we are a good match.

Due dillegence

Our business and finanical analysts will do a thorough review to determine if we are able to consider partnership for your project.

Make a win-win deal

We work with lawyers that specialize in startup and equity deals. We can help establish a transparent and fair business partnership.

What happens next?

  • We’ll contact you within three business days of receiving your submission and schedule a free video call to get to know each other and learn your requirements.
  • When required by you, we’re happy to sign an NDA to ensure total comfort.
  • We’ll meet as necessary to understand all your needs and one of our business analysts will submit to you a comprehensive project proposal.
  • We’ll assemble the team for your project and can start delivering within seven business days!